The trouble with fractures: models, geophysics & practical hydrogeology in karst environments

2018 NGWA McEllhiney lecture and talks Monday 11 June 2018 Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BG

Karstic aquifers are of common occurrence in the British Isles. They are characterised by the distinctive hydro(geo)logy and landforms that arise from a combination of high rock solubility and well developed secondary (fracture) porosity. Conventional hydrogeological methods often fail when applied to karst, and groundwater flow models in karst environments are at risk of producing catastrophically wrong results if the specific nature of karst is ignored. This meeting will bring together experts from the fields of hydrogeology, geophysics and modelling to present current process conceptualisations and approaches for the hydrogeological characterisation and modelling of karst environments and for improving groundwater management and environmental impact assessment in karstic aquifers. The meeting will incorporate the 2018 NGWA McEllinhey lecture on Electrical Hydrogeology, presented by Professor Todd Halihan, as well as complimentary talks on karst processes, fracture network modelling and day-to-day practical issues related to karst hydrology.


"Chalk karst cave, Southern England (photo from BGS)"


Professor Todd Halihan

Oklahoma State University

Louise Maurice

British Geological Survey

Lawrence Gill

Trinity College Dublin

Ruth Buckley

Environment Agency



NGWA McEllhiney lecture:
Electrical Hydrogeology: A Picture Is Worth 1000 Wells

Professor Todd Halihan, Oklahoma State University


Coffee break

Talk 1  15:30

Talk 1: Karst processes
Louise Maurice, British Geological Survey


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